Mukula says Mbabazi has no chance in the upcoming elections against Museveni (Courtesy Photo)

Mukula opens up on 16 attempts Museveni survived from being ousted, Mbabazi's chances

Ayiswa Issa Monday, 3 August 2015 - 3:25pm Politics

Captain Michael Mukula has revealed that the threat presented by Amama Mbabazi to President Yoweri Museveni is nothing compared to the sixteen attempts he survived during his thirty year reign, in a surprise tale he made at NBS TV Morning Breeze.

Mukula when asked about the new challenge presented by Mbabazi, he said: "Better the devil you know."

He said: "Museveni has had 16 different attempts at being ousted from power to no avail."

Mukula expects a clean sweep: "Come 2016, NRM will have a resounding win."

On the long stay in power, he said: "The long stay of Kaguta Museveni has been a blessing for the county. Germany,France,Italy and other western countries don't have term limits. So why should Africa take lectures on term limits?"

"It is true that I had aspirations to contest, but only if Kaguta Museveni wasn't running," the Soroti legislator on his presidential ambitions.

Mukula who has retired from Parliamentary politics said: "Amama Mbabazi faces a large hurdle because the opposition he fought is the one whose support he now seeks."

On Mbabazi's position to stand outside of NRM, he said: "Amama Mbabazi declaration as an independent means that he is no longer part of NRM.  I wish Amama Mbabazi the best and we shall meet in the political arena next year. AmamaMbabazi wasn't crying foul, he was merely  playing politics."

Mukula on Mbabazi's presence at Kyakwanzi said: "When Amama Mbabazi went to Kyadondo it was obvious that he had issues with the NRM regulations."


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