Alaso grilled officials from Makerere University (Daily Monitor Photo)

Auditor General unveils rot at Makerere University, shs900M in ghost activities

Ayiswa Issa Wednesday, 5 August 2015 - 5:52pm National

Auditor General has caught Makerere University pants down with nine hundred six million shillings in wrong expenditure codes, Parliament Accounts Committee unearthed Wednesday.

Makerere University officials appeared before PAC to respond to Auditor General's report for FY 2013/14.

PAC established that the university has not had a substantive bursar for over two years.

Legislators on the PAC have asked Makerere University to recover allowances worth three hundred eight million shillings (308M) paid to staff for extra work load without proof of such work being done.

PAC chairperson Alaso said: "Makerere University isn't serious abt how resources are handled. Until they get a fit bursar they shdn't get anymore taxpayer's money."

Alaso said: "It is embarrassing that Makerere University with such huge sums of money has not had a substantive bursar for over 2 years."

Alaso noted that the majority of key MUK staff have been in acting capacity for a long time.

The current university bursar Nalule Brenda has been acting for two years and yet she failed the interviews for the job over a year ago.

PAC deputy chairperson, Paul Mwiru: "If Ms. Nalule failed the interviews for the job, she has no business acting in any capacity."

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