Kyambadde angry with NRM electoral commission chairman Dr Tanga Odoi (Courtesy Photo)

Dr Tanga Odoi exposes dirt in NRM nomination, exchanges verbal artillery with all-powerful Amelia Kyambadde

Ayiswa Issa Thursday, 6 August 2015 - 12:06am Politics

National Resistance Movement NRM party is in smoke as big names want to have a piece of party Electoral Commission chairman Tanga Odoi's flesh.

Dr Odoi a former Makerere University lecturer is the new NRM Electoral Commission chairman.

The academic is dealing with a complex nomination process where he must find a middle ground between all-powerful old guard who want to return to the August House and fresh blood who are being denied a chance to take a shot at parliamentary politics.

As a matter of fact many of these powerful people are asking the party's Electoral Commission to block those threatening their positions by denying them chance to pick nomination papers.

Over 50 legislators of the old guard are returning unopposed from the process at Plot 10 Kyadondo Road.

Amelia Kyambadde is bitter with Dr Tanga Odoi, alleging that he has denied her the chance to be heard over the issue of Grace Kansime who has picked nomination papers to contest against her.

The pair had a heated verbal exchange in an interview with NTV and Of Uganda reproduces it below herein.


The members of NRM want to do anything by their mean, belittle anybody to do wrong things and win elections.

People want to do the wrong thing. There is high indiscpline, intrigue, there is back biting. There is nose-biting. People are trying to call themselves names. They would want to be in between so that they can get access to anybody they can kick around.

She (Amelia Kyambadde) came to my office with a group of people. She did not want a one Kansime Grace to register. She is going to stand against her.

Kyambadde Let us go back to the grassroots. Let us go back to the village registrar and see if this person (Kansime) complied with your law. And what do you mean by complied? Grace has never lived there.

Odoi I opened the constitution and told her that is not her mandate. She banged my table three times. She said she would deal with me in front of the president. I told her for as long as I am chairman NRM in that small office, I am chairman NRM.

Kyambadde If I win I am going to quit because of such people who come from academia and don't know how to manage politics.

Odoi Academic is a free thinking society and you take your mind conflict with the professor and life continues. In politics people want to say you are the right person even if  you are wrong.

Kyambadde Dr Odoi is himself an empty to the party

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