Bafana left speechless at Kati Kati after show cancelation (Courtesy Photo)

Reckless promoter kills Ziza Bafana concert as no nonsense KCCA officials order it off

Ayiswa Issa Friday, 7 August 2015 - 11:54pm Entertainment

Dancehall artiste Ziza Bafana's show failed to take off at Kati Kati after late confussion over Kampala Capital City Authority fees.

A late attempt to try and rescue the show after one of the promoters settled the KCCA fees of four million shillings, could not save it.

A one Barunywa had confirmed to the singer Bafana all was set for the show.

To the promoter's assurance everything went on smoothly with the singer's supporters flocking in, in full force.

However, hell broke loose when it clocked six o'clock and there were no signs of payment.

KCCA officials on the scene ordered the organisers to pack up and leave.

Bafana and his supporters were left in absolute dissaray. The Gurumana asamye singer took to the stage briefly and apologised to the crowd before making off.

Attempts by the promoter to pay yielded only some positive news but the show could not go ahead beacuse security had already left.

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