Counsel Kiryowa seated (Right) filed President Museveni's defense Sunday at Supreme Court, Mengo (Courtesy Photo)

President Museveni trashes Mbabazi's 28 grounds in petition including branding him and Dr. Besigye 'wolves' and their supporters 'mad'

President Yoweri Museveni has denied all the twenty eight allegations in Amama Mbabazi's petition including he branded The Democratic Alliance TDA and JPAM candidate and Forum for Democratic Change FDC as wolves and that their followers were mad in his defense filed Sunday at Supreme Court, a day to the commencement of the hearing.
Ayiswa Issa Sunday, 6 March 2016 - 10:15pm Technology

Mbabazi filed a petition against President-elect Museveni, Attorney General and Electoral Comission on deadline day, Tuesday.

President Museveni in his defense, said: "By those remarks, I meant that politics should be about the welfare of people not individuals. Leadership should be about telling people where government has gone wrong and proposing better options."

The President also denied any links to hoes distributed in West Nile during campaigns.

The NRM candidate said: "I did not personally or through my agents, with my knowledge and consent or approval give hoes to voters of West Nile or any other place, with the intent that they should vote for me and refrain from voting for the petitioner or other candidates."

On Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde's helicopter flying over Mbabazi's rally in Fort Portal, President Museveni distanced himself.

He said: "I know that no illegal offense, as alleged by the petitioner, was committed by me personally or with my knowledge and consent."

President Museveni's legal team assured the media they are ready for the battle in court.

President Museveni's lawyers have filed for defense in @AmamaMbabazi Supreme Court petition.

Counsel Kiryowa Kiwanuka, who led the team that filed the defense, said: "We are ready. Our team has been working since being served."

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