Kenzo has a peck on Rema's fore head as they celebrate her birthday (Courtesy Photo)

What is it Kenzo has done for Rema to deserve 'Oba nkuweeki bannange' on her birthday

Ayiswa Issa Monday, 25 April 2016 - 8:25pm Entertainment

Ecstatic birthday girl Rema Namakula could not hide her love for singing mate Eddy Kenzo when she openly asked him to wish for anything and be given there and then.

Rema is celebrating her birthday after making an undisclosed years on Sunday.

Rema is blessed child with Kenzo named Amaal.

Rema and Kenzo have had a great year musically and with a gift of a baby (Courtesy Photo)

The pair were out enjoying the day with rides around town.

Rema posted a picture of them while Kenzo pecking her fore head.

The 'lean on me' star then went on to post on social media the picture and write in Luganda, "Oba nkuweeki bannange."

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