Zari with singing boyfriend Diamond have a daughter together (Courtesy Photo)

Zari blasts ex hubby Ssemwanga claiming he is miserable with negative bank accounts after leaked videos

Ayiswa Issa Saturday, 17 September 2016 - 8:41pm Gossip

Zari has sensationally hit back at her former hubby Ivan Ssemwanga and his friends who she claims are miserable and have negative bank accounts.

Zari has been in the news for the wrong reasons with reports with suspected videos of her in an uncompromising situation circulating.

Her family including children are said to have tasked her to explain the origins of the video.

However, Zari who is dating Tanzania super singer Diamond, is said to be angry with her former hubby claiming he is behind the videos.

She hit back at him in a social media rant which we have reproduced here below;

Slaying on them hoes, misery loves company...

they (D& Z) have no time for people with negative minds,big mouths and negative bank accounts...

Slaying baby

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