Cindy hailed dancehall rapper Nutty Neithan as a hot guy in a social media post (Courtesy Photo)

IN LOVE? Nutty Neithan's warm hug with sexy touch on singer Cindy's bum leaves her singing praises of him

Ayiswa Issa Sunday, 18 September 2016 - 9:54am Gossip

Cindy Sanyu must have had some dreamy night after an unusual hug with dancehall rapper Nutty Neithan.

The former Blu3 singer met fellow singer during one of the gigs and had a really warm hug.

She did not leave at the venue but went on to her social media pages to express how hot it was when Nutty took things to another level by squizzing her bums.

The pair have performed together at Cindy's night gig at Auto Spa on Munyonyo Road and all hail from Masaba land.

This is how she felt after the 'hot' hug moment.

abt last night. Guess who I bumped into?It's the hot Nuttyneithan. More pics coming your way.....

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