Akena says he is trying to forge way forward for Uganda's politics by uniting NRM and Opposition forces (PPU Photo)

Mao blasts Akena claiming he is destroying his father Dr. Obote's hard-earned legacy by dinning with President Museveni

Ayiswa Issa Saturday, 24 September 2016 - 2:44pm Politics

Democratic Party DP President Norbert Mao has blasted Jimmy Akena for jumping into President Yoweri Museveni's convoy to destroy the legacy of his father and former President of Uganda Dr. Milton Obote.

UPC President Akena is leading the gospel to call for a national dialogue between the forces of government and the opposition.

Mao who appeared on NBS Tv programme 'Frontline' alongside UPC President, Miria Matembe and Ofwono Opondo Thursday night said:

"From reading the writings of Dr. Obote (Obote), listening to the majority of UPC leaders my assumption is that is the line of UPC."

He went on: "I don't accept that that conversation should only be with UPC. I would assume that I have been making noise for so long. I have not been approached for bilateral talks."

The DP leader questioned: "So why has NRM chosen Jimmy Akena and UPC as spurring partners to save the rest of us from the travails that come with politics of transition."

He summed up by blasting: "This idea of a middle status .... you have to read the UPC documents. Dr. Obote was the chairman of the national planning commission, in fact what UPC are trying to do with President Museveni is a disgrace to the legacy of Obote."

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