Bebe Cool was chatting 'kabulenge things' with Zuena's clients (Courtesy Photo)

Who says Bebe Cool will always be there for Zuena? Singer admits abandoning wife's cakes and instead getting phony-chatty with her clients

Ayiswa Issa Monday, 26 September 2016 - 6:38pm Gossip

Bebe Cool might be passionate about Zuena Kirema and the family, but not her cake business after admitting he was instead talking 'kabulenge things' with his wife's clients - really?

Zuena had to rely on her man after leaving business phone at home according to Bebe.

Yet she had to conduct business without fail and she was rest assured hubby would chip in.

Well, from Bebe's facebook post he did not do as he promised and instead got phony chatty with his wife's clients.

You can be sure somebody had alot of explaining to do and below is his facebook post which we reproduced from his wall.

Woke up this morning but alone in the house,

my wife n kids left yesterday,

sorry not AGENZE but for a family function,

to my eyes the whole house was full of cake cake cake and I call her,

she says customers r supposed to pick the cakes but she forgot the cake phone at home.

She asks me if I can call her customers n ofkos I say yes.


How to start,I don't know so I just say to one,

Hello hi,ofkos they expect a sweet voice they have been talking to,

but imagine the gu male voice,



instead customers start happily talking KABULENGANE things.

Wow I think it's time i learn cake language.

My house is small,cake is everywhere but smells nice and am happy for my wife.

If u haven't spoken to bebecool n u r my great fan,

just order for cake from ZUENA EVENTS,

i will take only calls from customers who have PAID. HAHAHAHAHA

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