Zuena swaps saliva with her man Bebe Cool celebrating 13 years of marriage (Courtesy Photo)

Zuena finally reveals details of the teary moment she exchanged vows with her man Bebe Cool at Crane Chambers in Kampala

Ayiswa Issa Tuesday, 27 September 2016 - 10:08am Gossip

Has Zuena Kirema finally let the cat out of the bag about the long kept secret on their marriage whose details their fans and enemies have been demanding of them?

Zuena is wife to Gagamel President Bebe Cool and their marriage details unlike their colleagues Chameleone and Bobi Wine have been kept a top secret.

Zuena made it all for her fans and rivals to know when she poured her heart out about their marriage details.

Bebe's sweet took her friends through the moment and climaxed it with a kiss.

Yesterday was a very special day for the "Cools".

1st it was Eid & 2nd me and boo celebrated 13years in marriage yes you read that right MARRIAGE.

we exchanged vows at Crane Chambers,a ceremony that was witnessed by very few people.

13yrs and am still proud to call you my husband though you keep insisting on doing another wedding reception coz the last one was a small one

patiently waiting for that one too.

I love you my super man & praying to Allah for more years on this earth & to be able to see our great great grand children.

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