Bebe spots ring on his finger during a recent performance (Courtesy Photo)

Zuena praises her man Bebe for faithfully wearing ring she placed on his finger since wedding 13 years ago

Ayiswa Issa Wednesday, 26 October 2016 - 11:20am Gossip

Zuena Kirema can not hide her happiness over her faithful man she claims has endlessly worn the ring she place on his finger thirteen years ago.

Zuena got married to Bebe in a secret wedding which many still believe never happened.

Bebe and Zuena are known for swapping silva anywhere to show their affection for each other (Courtesy Photo)

The former beauty contestant continues to prove to their haters they are married by this time showing a picture of her man performing with a ring on his finger.

The pair have been married for 13 years according to Zuena (Courtesy Photo)

Zuena went to her facebook page and posted: "Check out the wedding ring i placed on his finger 13yrs ago,he never takes it off. Ain't i lucky?"

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