Desire got in arms of her Nigerian fella on arrival in Lagos (Courtesy Photo)

Desire Luzinda shuffles two men on her tour in Europe and Lagos with Nigerian guy holding her arms tight

Ayiswa Issa Saturday, 5 November 2016 - 6:48pm Gossip

Desire Luzinda simply has a thing for guys and continues to show that they mean so much to her business.

Desire has been on tour in Europe and jetted into Nigeria over the weekend.

In Belgium, the singer cum socialite is pictured enjoying lunch with a friend.

Desire joins her friend in Belgium for lunch (Courtesy Photo)

Not the type surely Ugandan paparazzi will have an idea about.

Then she leaves Belgium and a day on posts pictures of herself with another in Lagos Nigeria.

She only posts: "In Lagos, Nigeria."

The Nigeria fella holds Desire arms tight. 

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