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13 Juicy Questions Men Are Dying to Ask Women: Here's what he's secretly wondering when he's on a date with you

Ayiswa Issa Thursday, 10 November 2016 - 11:49pm Entertainment

If your last bad date or fight with your guy was any indication, men and women don't always understand each other all that well.

Okay, yes, understatement of the century, but seriously. You might think you're pretty open and accessible, but you'd be shocked at what men are dying to know about the other sex.

1. How many guys have you slept with?

2. Do women like abs or arms more?

3. How frequently do girls masturbate?

4. Do girls find it attractive if a guy claims to have a lot of options?

5. Do I pursue a girl who's cancelled on me twice?

6. Do girls actually like dick pics?

7. Is it okay to wake you up in the middle of the night for a sex session?

8. Does a wedding ring on a guy stop you from flirting?

9. Most sexually excitable spot on your body?

10. Why do women go to the bathroom together? And does anything noteworthy tend to happen in those ladies room meetings?

11. Should I tell a girl I'm a virgin or just wing it?

12. Do girls honestly like the nice guys?

13. How does a guy politely ask for a blowjob?

So they're not exactly the most insightful inquiries, but it definitely gives you a glimpse at what men are actually wondering about women.

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