Minister Opendi explains the Kawempe new babies situation (Courtesy Photo)

Govt forced to counter allegations of new babies dying in tens as medical personnel shortage hits hospitals nearby closed Makerere University

Ayiswa Issa Wednesday, 23 November 2016 - 7:45pm Health

Makerere University closure continues to haunt government as they are forced to explain allegations of new babies dying as a result of shortage of doctors and nurses at hospitals nearby the university.

President Museveni shut the university gates after students went on strike demanding to be taught with lecturers laying down tools over unpaid wages.

Minister of State for Health Sarah Opendi rushed to the media centre to arrest the situation as critics went on rampage.

Opendi countered: "Several statements are doing rounds that 15 babies die everyday at Kawempe H+, these are false and baseless allegations"

She stated: "Withdrawal of SHOs created some gaps in waiting hours, however, healthcare delivery hasn't been affected."

Opendi noted: "Since withdrawal of SHOs on 11 Nov, 31 newborns have died due to premature birth complications and severe birth asphyxia."

The minister explained how they have been able to handle the crisis.

She said: "Following the closure of MAK and subsequent withdrawal of SHOs, H+ admin rearranged work force focusing on labor suite."

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