The Kanyamunyus with Cynthia were remanded to Luzira after court session (Courtesy Photo)

Cyclist tells blow by blow the tragic account of Lugogo shooting right from scratch at Game Stores

Ayiswa Issa Friday, 25 November 2016 - 5:16pm Kampala

The chilling tale of a cyclist could turn the laughters in court into tears ahead of the hearing of the case where the Kanyamunyus and their girlfriend Cynthia Munangwari are accused of murdering Kenneth Akena at Game Stores in Kampala.

Prosecution alleges that Mathew Kanyamunyu shot Akena after he scratched his car while reversing at Game Stores.

Akena passed on after the shooting (Courtesy Photo)

The cyclist who did not want to be named according to Luganda Daily Bukedde captured the tragic story right from Game Stores.

He says the pair hit it off right from Games Stores where Akena scrtached Kanyamunyu's car.

He says cyclists rushed to call Mathew when his car got knocked and realising the culprit wanted to flee.

The businessman reportedly charged towards his car and exchanged words with Akena.

However, he states Akena remained himself and pushed for a solution to fix Mathew's car.

In the car, the rider claims there was a woman (Cynthia) and Mathew driving the car.

The cyclist claims he gave the businessma  two options.

One that he takes the car to Toyota on Jinja Road where their company cars get repaired.

Second that he computes money required and pays him.

The pair according to the cyclist for the second option and head for the ATM.

The cyclist says he followed the pair to the ATM.

Akena set off first and his pace attracted fear from Mathew that he wanted to flee according to the rider.

He narrates how Mathew charged his car and went past Akena and parked ahead of him.

The businessman reportedly emerged from his car and grabbed the social worker and dragged him to his car.

After the incident they are said to have continued to the ATM machine.

The cyclist says Akena emerged and thereon exchange of words started with Mathew shouting at the top of his voice.

Meaning he did not have the money Mathew required to fix his car.

The cyclist explains how he heard gun shot and chose to retreat with his colleagues who had joined him.

He says Mathew and his girlfriend helped Akena into his car and made off leaving Akena's Premio behind.

The cyclist adds police officers came at the scene and then thereon another group too emerged to the scene.

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