Wizkid disappoints Ugandans fans after his show is canceled (Courtesy Photo)

Star Times suffer signal failure as Wizkid show collapses on eve of event even without sound reason from singer's people about cancellation

Ayiswa Issa Friday, 2 December 2016 - 11:48pm Music

Star Times have been hit so hard after Nigerian singer Wizkid called off his travel to Uganda.

Wizkid was expected to perform on Saturday at Star Times' sixth arniversary at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

However, Face TV who were tasked with the duty to bring the Nigerian were told he would not be travelling.

Face TV wrote: "We regret to inform you and esteemed fans Wizkid is unable to fly to Uganda as planned on December 3 due to unavoidable circumstances."

Sources around the singer claim it could be money problems.

Sources say the promoters could have failed to clear the singer's balance.

Face TV insist in their apology they will reschedule the show for another date this month.

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