Winnie Byanyima has announced she is ready to stand for the top most job (Courtesy Photo)

Is Matembe planning to contest for President? Former Ethics minister cries Winnie Byanyima announcement took her off guard

Ayiswa Issa Thursday, 15 December 2016 - 11:14pm Politics

Miria Matembe seemed to be harbouring ambitions to stand for President in the near future after claiming on TV Thursday night that Winnie Byanyima has 'beaten her' by declaring her intentions.

Winnie came out this week to claim she is ready to contest for President in an exclusive TV interview.

Matembe surprised fellow pundits Norbert Mao, Ofwono Opondo and Minister Nankabirwa when she talked about Winnie and her chances.

She said: "Once again, Winnie Byanyima seems to have beaten me at the game. But for now, this is 'wolokoso'."

On Winnie's candidature, Matembe hailed: "Unlike many MPs with fake papers, Winnie Byanyima is qualified. That she might stand shouldn't be a big deal."

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