Dr. Machar denies allegations he was arrested in South Africa (Courtesy Photo)

Dr. Machar attacks President Kiir over claims of his arrest in Pretoria and rubbished them as 'wishful thinking'

Ayiswa Issa Friday, 16 December 2016 - 11:54pm East Africa

Dr. Riek Machar has rubbished claims he is being held in Pretoria, South Africa, branding the allegations wishful thinking of President Salva Kiir's regime in Juba.

Reports emerged this week that Dr. Machar had been arrested by South Africa security in Pretoria over suspicious claims that he intended to disrupt peace in Juba.

In a press issued Friday evening, the former first Vice President dismissed: "The SPLMSPLA(IO) refutes the allegations made recently, purporting that the chairman and commander in chief - Dr Riek Machar is under house arrest in Pretoria, South Africa."

Dr. Machar blasted: "These dangerous allegations despite being denied by the foreign ministry spokesperson Clayson Monyela when  he spoke to Reuters News Agancy, some reputable media houses in the region have still gone ahead and published this misinformation from the propaganda machine of the regime in Juba."

He went on: "This malicious propaganda is part of a campaign by the regime in Juba."

Dr. Machar hit out: "The horizons of whoever fabricated this story are obviously limited to Juba city limits, as they think that all countries operate like South Sudan, without due process of the law. "

He then rubbished the claims: "The arrest of the chairman and C-in-C was just the wishful thinking of the regime in Juba and it would not solve the root cause of the conflict."

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