Musumba defeated Hajjati Watongola in court (NBS Photo)

FDC and Kamuli strong woman Salaamu Musumba: President Museveni loves me

Ayiswa Issa Wednesday, 15 February 2017 - 3:56pm Politics

Salaamu Musumba who emerged victorious in court flogging her opponent Hajjati Rehema Watongola, has claimed she is a very lucky woman.

Court ordered fresh elections after finding Watongola did not possess the right papers to join university.

In an interview on NBS TV, Musumba a staunch FDC politician told the nation she is 'loved by President Yoweri Museveni'.

Salaamu Musumba and Kwangala Njala in early morning TV interview

Below is the former Kamuli LC5 Chairperson's interview with the television where she goes ahead to tell Hajjati Watongola to go back to school.

Simon Kaggwa Njala: How long do you intend to stay in politics?

Salamu Musumba: I shall stay until i am 75 years.

Musumba tells viewers President Museveni wants her to join NRM (NBS Photo)

Salamu Musumba: People nolonger trust the government, local leaders because they have been cheated for a longtime.

Musumba: I am for FDC. FDC is my DNA. Even when i am at work, i do things the FDC way.

Salamu Musumba: I am a peace-broker. I have bent backwards to accomodate many people. I am a person of my word.

Salamu Musumba: It is how we react to situations that makes us either a strong or vulnerable society.

Hajjati Watongola lost in court twice after court found her academic papers short (Courtesy Photo)

Musumba: The Kyabazinga issue sensitive and the Basoga approach me confused but i also tell them to give me time to digest it.

Musumba: We the Basoga have just decided that Kyabazinga can not serve both the president and the kingdom.

Musumba: Election of Kyabazinga is a different case. We have 11 chiefs that are eligible to be Kyabazinga.

Musumba on Kyabazinga's appointment: What we the Basoga care most about is the institution of the Kyabazinga.

Musumba: I am currently writing a book on Bujagali and Privatization and history has vindicated me to  have been on the right side

Musumba: I am just not comfortable with some of the things that are done in the NRM. Those people can't manage me.

Salamu Musumba: President Museveni loves me.

Simon: Do you know why?

Salamu: He wants me to join his camp.

Salamu: This victory isn't necessarily a party's victory or my own. This victory is just like any other ordinary citizen's.

"She has no academic qualification. Her pri. sch. docs show 'Hajjat Rehema Watongola', Hajjat is a title and Watongola is her husband's name."

Salamu Musumba: Rehema should go back to school. Schools are still open. She is uncivil, she even refused to shake my hand.

Salamu Musumba: Uganda is a country of counterfeits; political counterfeits, economic counterfeits and moral counterfeits

On the election petition case victory, Salamu Musumba says it was a perfect valentines gift.

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