Angry Amelia Kyambadde claims Church of Uganda, NRM betrayed her by presenting rival Kansiime

Ayiswa Issa Tuesday, 14 March 2017 - 4:21pm Politics

Amelia Kyambadde is still bitter about the Church of Uganda and National Resistance Movement NRM, both entities to which she subscribes for betraying her in broad day light.

In a chilling interview with NBS Tv, the former principle secretary to President Yoweri Museveni opened the lid on a well kept secret.

Amelia claims twice she has been betrayed when she was away on official duty.

The name Grace Kansiime rings loud in the Mawokota North Constituency Legislator's mind and is the lady presented by the Church of Uganda and NRM to dethrone her.

The detailed narration of Amelia's story is in the interview below;

All over a sudden It was Grace Kansiime. She doesn't even live there. I heard of Dr. Hilderman (sing a song for her).

Ofcourse they all want money. But I all realised politics is about competition.

I realised she had come through Church of Uganda. She had come to sell land. She was an agent.

They have land in our area. That was the first betrayal. I said I am Church of Uganda and how can Church of Uganda impose somebody on me?

One thing that shocked me. The second form of betrayal.

I had gone for ministers of trade conference in Belgium or sorry Brussels.

I had that they were coming to register that particular lady.

They said they were coming to organise a meeting with us as NRM creme in Mpigi district.

They went straight to where Grace is alleged to come from.

They found half finished house and they came back and said even if there is land, that shows that that person stays there.

Thats when they invited and told me that. And told me, you people that person has been registered.

Ofcourse I was abit upset for somebody to come when I am not around - the chairperson of the party.

That was another form of betrayal 

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