Police say Kaweesi was murdered Friday morning with his body guards (Police Photo)

Police confirm gruesome shooting of Felix Kaweesi, identify his body guards killed along with him

Ayiswa Issa Friday, 17 March 2017 - 12:06pm Kampala

Police have come out to confirm that national police spokesman Felix Andrew Kaweesi was murdered this morning in bloody shooting leaving him, his body guard and driver all dead.

Reports of Kaweesi, who was also police human resources manager emerged Friday morning with pictures of two men lying in a pool of blood in his car.

Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesman Emilian Kayima in a news conference with journalists at Kulambiro where the dreadful shooting occurred revealed Kaweesi was murdered.

Kayima said: "AIGP Kaweesi was murdered along with his Driver Erau Kenneth and bodyguard Mambewo Godfrey."

He revealed that police have moved Kaweesi's body and his body guards away from the crime scene as they continue to gather evidence.

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