Kaweesi was murdered near his home at Kulambiro in Kampala (Courtesy Photo)

FBI comb Kaweesi murder crime scene for possible clues on suspect killers

Ayiswa Issa Saturday, 18 March 2017 - 2:44pm National

US investigators FBI were called in to dig into the brutal killing of police national spokesman Andrew Felix Kaweesi near his home at Kulambiro in Kampala on Friday.

Kaweesi was killed by unknown gunmen who trailed him from his home ending the lives of his driver and body guard.

Parliament Friday called for a special investigation into the murder of Kaweesi and demanded security of all people be beefed up.

FBI agents were spotted at the shooting crime scene combing every spot for evidence on the suspects.

Police released a statement linking the killings to the ones of Muslim clerics.

The police stated: "We are not yet sure about what really led to Kaweesi death, his killing is similar to that of the Muslim clerics."

Police forensic team were also at the crime scene examining possible clues.

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