Dr. Omona's car is parked at Tirinyi police as he waits for alternative means of transport (Courtesy Photo)

Gunman shutters Dr. Omona's car side windscreen, miss him by inches on his way from Mbale

Ayiswa Issa Sunday, 19 March 2017 - 10:38pm National

Dr. Kenneth Omona is holed at Tirinyi police after unknown gunman shuttered his car windscreen but missed him.

Dr. Omona is the NRM national deputy treasurer and he according to the party spokesman Rogers Mulindwa, was returning from Mbale.

Dr. Omona is still holed in Tirinyi according to Mulindwa (Courtesy Photo)

Mulindwa in his statement to the media stated: "A stranger has this Sunday evening hit the window glass of the official vehicle of the NRM Deputy National Treasurer Dr Kenneth Omona, missing his head by inches."

The NRM spokesman added: "The incident happened along Tirinyi road on his way back to Kampala from official party work in the eastern town of Mbale."

Mulindwa recounted: "We are trying to establish the motive and whether the actor intended to hurt the senior party official or it was accidental."

He stated: "The case has been reported to the nearby police post for the commencement of the police investigations."

Mulindwa said Dr. Omona is looking for an alternative means of transport to get him to Kampala.

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