Mbabazi has kept a low profile since Presidential elections in February 2016 (Courtesy Photo)

Mbabazi silent on high profile deaths of AIGP Kaweesi, Mayanja Nkangi

Ayiswa Issa Sunday, 19 March 2017 - 12:17pm National

High profile oppostion figures including Dr. Kizza Besigye and Norbert Mao have come out with a message about the brutal killing of AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi, however, former Prime Minister and Presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi has kept his lines silent.

Kaweesi was killed by unknown gunmen near his home in Kulambiro in Kampala on Friday morning.

Mbabazi last posted on his twitter handle on January 30 about, "The tech firms fighting Trump's travel ban with cash."

And on local subject, he posted about the Uganda Cranes: "Even if u lost #UgandaCranes u displayed international quality. Losing is part of the game. Its only temporary. Learn from it & Go Forward."

The former Premier has continued to remain silent event after the death of former minister and Katikkiro Joash Mayanja Nkanji.

Kaweesi was prominent during Mbabazi's blocked consultation meetings in the Eastern part of the country before campaigns for the 2016 Presidential elections, where he was among the candidates.

Mbabazi sent a condolence meeting when Mathias Nsubuga passed.

He posted: "The passing of Hon. M. Nsubuga, Secretary General of DP has deprived the DP & Uganda of an extraordinary activist for freedom and justice."

He also re-twitted a twist post on death of a DP councillor Regina Ndagire.

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