President Museveni has ordered for installation of cameras in the city and highways (PPU Photo)

President Museveni says civil servants are parasites, their outrageous salary demands to blame for delayed camera installations

Ayiswa Issa Sunday, 19 March 2017 - 9:12pm National

President Yoweri Museveni has said civil servants are squarely to blame for the postponement of installation of cameras across the country.

President Museveni was giving an account of the criminal record in the recent past including the dreadful one involving AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi at the deceased's home in Kulambiro, Ntinda.

The President piled blame on civil servants who he claims have been knocking his door for bigger salaries forcing him to postpone camera installations.

He said: "The priority of Uganda is not high salaries for public servants. But they insist!"

President Museveni explained: "We have always planned to install cameras. They ease investigations. However, we're still using old methods."

The President accompanied by his wife Janet Museveni went on: "What causes that is public servants not listening to the NRM; the 1 percent are parasites on the rest of the population."

Presisent Museveni: By demanding very high salaries, you are going to cause problem to our c'ntry. Wage bill is almost UgShs 4,000bn

President Museveni: My problem with public servants is that you don't listen to the line of the NRM. We know what we're doing

President Museveni message to public servants: "Ugandans are now 40 million. You are not more than 400,000, not more than 1% of the population."

President Museveni: "Using boda bodas, criminals have killed 10 pple including Kagezi. My message to them is that they will pay."

President Museveni: "If the criminals come from DRC like it is always suspected, we shall do something about it there (in DRC)"

President Museveni: "The criminals have now resorted to using boda bodas in Kampala where No. of pple is big."

President Museveni: "We defeated Kony, cattle rustlers in Karamoja, ADF in the mountains and when they were terrorising pple in Kampala."

President Museveni: "The NRM, UPDF and the Police defeated the criminals who were terrorising our people."

President Museveni: "Therefore, these public servants are responsible for the killing of pple(the ones killed by run-away boda bodas)."

President "Museveni: We have been postponing  installation of cameras because of public servants' outrageous demands of salaries."

President Museveni: "We have always planned to install cameras. They ease investigations. However, we're still using old methods."

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