Charles Peter Mayiga emphasized dialogue at Kaweesi Mass Requiem at St. Andrews Church in Ntinda (Courtesy Photo)

Why didn't they call Gen. Kayihura to report the issues they had with Felix? Buganda Premier Mayiga questions motive of killers

Ayiswa Issa Sunday, 19 March 2017 - 6:31pm National

Buganda Premier Charles Peter Mayiga has queried the ulterior motives of the killers of AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi who took away his life at a tender age of only 43.

Kaweesi was brutally murdered by unknown gunmen near his home in Kulambiro while on his way to Uganda Christian University in Mukono where he was expected to present a paper on career guidance,

Mayiga who was at the Mass Requiem of the fallen Kaweesi at St. Andrews Church in Ntinda said Kaweesi's killers should have called Gen. Kale Kayihura if they had problems with him.

The Buganda Premier questioned: "Why didn't they call IGP to report the issues they had with Felix? What did he do to deserve death at his age?"

Mayiga pointed out: "We have many problems in this country but we won't finish these problems by killing each other."

He continued: "The essence of dialogue is that you don't agree with the person with whom you negotiate. The country needs dialogue not murder."

Mayiga called on: "Dialogue must be done in good faith and integrity.  I'm afraid! The problems won't end by inflicting fear!"

He demanded: "We hope that investigations will yield some results. I pray for Kaweesi's children and widow. May he rest in peace."

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