Gen. Kayihura tells mourners to celebrate the life of his fallen colleague (New Vision Photo)

Gen. Kayihura paints the picture of who Kaweesi he picked interest in 2005 is

Ayiswa Issa Monday, 20 March 2017 - 3:40pm National
Gen. Kale Kayihura took to the podium to tell mourners as police, they are celebrating the life of their fallen comrade rather mourning as he painted to them the picture of the man whom he started to supervise in 2005.

AIGP Kaweesi was killed by unknown gunmen who ambushed him near his home while in the company of his body guard and driver who died together with him.

IGP Kayihura said: "We took a decision as the police supported by the church that we shouldn't mourn Kaweesi but celebrate him"

He went on: "I have no doubt that AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi is in heaven. Where else would such a human being be?"

IGP Kayihura narrated: "Kaweesi was a very pleasant person to work. I can't think of any initiative to improve police that he wasn't part of."

The police chief recalled: "Kaweesi commanded the CHOGM parade as the queen of England was received at Parliament and she was impressed."

IGP Kayihura said: "The late Kaweesi was recruited in 2001 as a young cadet. I started supervising him in 2005."

He then hailed: "Generals never die but they only fade away. In the same spirit, Kaweesi didn't die but he's only fallen."


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